About Us

Boomerpreneurs Network brings together some of the most active, dynamic & creative Baby Boomer entrepreneurs and aspiring Boomerpreneurs globally!

Boomerpreneurs Network aims to provide its members with opportunities for networking, information gathering, sharing and support. It offers a venue where Boomerpreneurs can promote their businesses, share their events, have real-time discussions through chat and participate in specialized talks and workshops that will further sharpen and develop their entrepreneurial skills. Collaboration and sharing of rich referrals through Boomerpreneurs Network will benefit not only their business but their personal life as well.

Boomerpreneurs Network members also enjoy exclusive opportunities to promote their products and services through advertising on our website, webinars, workshops, tradeshows, conferences and events which will be organized especially for Boomerpreneurs.

In our continuing efforts to provide the best service possible to our Boomerpreneurs Network members, we have entered into a partnership with PamTen to look after our event management. Their software, ConnectPro, looks after all aspects of event planning including creating events, registrations and payment details. We are two organizations collaborating to provide members with connections and the opportunity to improve their business and themselves

Our Hosted Events

Boomerpreneurs Network offers business networking events hosted locally, and are posted on our Events page. These events offer an opportunity to like-minded individuals to establish connections, collaborations, share referrals and provide education/entertainment (edutainment)!

Boomerpreneur members also enjoy exclusive opportunities to promote their products and services through advertising on our website, webinars, workshops, tradeshows, conferences and events which are organized specially for Boomerpreneurs.

Our special events are held annually, with the opportunity to showcase your business as a partner, sponsor or vendor. These events include:

  • Boomerpreneur of the Year Award
  • Golden Years Expo
  • Annual Conference
  • Tours

The Boomerpreneur of the Year Award - 2016


In Celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week

Awards Categories
  1. The Digital Business Award - Open to any business trading online. This Award recognizes those best optimizing all aspects of ecommerce to achieve growth and strong financial performance through exceptional customer experience.

  2. The New Business of the Year Award - This award celebrates the highest performing new companies and recognizes those that have exceeded initial targets for growth and financial performance; best demonstrated an understanding of their competitors, customers, and the markets they operate in; and have the foundations in place for continued commercial success.

  3. The Customer Focused Award - This award celebrates those businesses demonstrating the link between customer service and profit. It recognizes those constantly striving to exceed customer expectations, deliver industry leading standards of service, and introduce new strategies and techniques to increase levels of customer satisfaction.

  4. The Growth Business of the Year - Recognizing an outstanding increase in sales, profit, market share, headcount or geographical expansion, this Award goes to the organization demonstrating the best levels of growth for its size and sector and the most robust plan for sustained financial performance.

  5. The Corporate Citizenship Award - This award highlights the role of business in addressing social challenges and improving the communities in which they operate. It recognizes those achieving the greatest impact by aligning corporate citizenship with commercial objectives.

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