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      About Us

      Golden Years Expo   EXPOs are informative, entertaining, interactive and FREE one-day events that bring businesses and the community together by promoting Living Well and Living Longer for 50 plus and Seniors.

      Look for Golden Years Expo  EXPO this Fall in Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville.

      With an increasing growth of elderly people within our communities, we see a demand to provide education, information and social activity. Over the past 3 years, Golden Years Expo aims to help the United Senior Citizens of Ontario, an organization representing 200,000 Seniors and over 1,000 clubs in Ontario. USCO represent the needs of Seniors through unity, education, support and cooperation, with member clubs and other groups to enhance the quality of life, community participation and independence of Seniors.

      We invite you to attend the Golden Years Expo 2016 at a location nearest you! Check our Past Events !